DICOM Director provides a gateway for sharing DICOM information across various Healthcare Information Systems (HIS), allowing seamless communication and collaboration among Radiologists.

  • Share and Transfer radiological images with others in minutes
  • Access your worklist, images and reports across multiple devices securely within the cloud
  • Collaborate with others around the world
  • Customize workflow integration with existing EHR sytems
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Capture and reduce error-prone manual tasks through digital process automation
  • View and interact with 3D image models through the HoloLens device

Our Product Features

DICOM Director
Modality WorkList

The worklist is dynamic and customizable for each user; all studies that need to be read appear on this list. Once read, they can be purged according to configuration.

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DICOM Director
PACS -Share & Transfer

Customized PACS Solution. DICOM Director allows you the freedom to turn any location with Internet access into your own personal reading area.

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DICOM Director
PACS (View)

The DICOM Director PACS software has a powerful worklist engine and offers a customizable workflow solution to meet your needs.

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DICOM Director
PACS Viewer with HoloLens

Using the Microsoft HoloLens, view both DICOM images and 3D scale models created from DICOM image studies.

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DICOM Director is a complete business solution with a fixed per-study cost.

DICOM Director delivers unique PACS solutions that are fully customizable, scalable and can seamlessly support DICOM, HL7 and IHE standards.

Integration is possible with sources such as CSV, Fixed File format, HL7 and Database.

The service can be installed “On premise” and “Off premise”.

  • I would recommend DICOM Director Modality Worklist to any facility looking to interface their medical equipment with a patient database.  It has saved our company time by eliminating redundant data entry and errors.  It is simple to administer and transparent to the user, while also fully customizable.  Our clinicians downplayed the significance of this tool before implementation, but now cannot go without it.
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