DD-PACS – Share & Transfer

DD-PACS -Share & Transfer - Customized PACS Solution

DICOM Director allows you the freedom to turn any location with Internet access into your own personal reading area. It provides Healthcare providers with a comprehensive SaaS Solution for PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System).

DD-PACS (Share & Transfer) provides you with the following features:

  • Image Share & Transfer
  • Storage Services (On Premise/Cloud)
  • Worklist Management (On Premise/Cloud)
  • WADO & Study Notification/ Availability services
  • Updating the worklist in each modality
  • Receiving the images from our Gateway products
  • Storing key images and annotations in the final report
  • Simplify your processes by hosting, managing, and maintaining your complex multi-location deployment.
  • Creating a common reading platform with a unified worklist connected to all of your clients and partners.
  • Save you money by providing a fixed cost per study or license for the specified number of AEs.
  • Provide a superior customer experience by ensuring that your systems are always available and updated with the latest enhancements.
  • From development to implementation & support, DICOM Director works with clients to customize the perfect solution for their business and its growing needs.

The basic components of a DD-PACS system are:

  • PACS Central Server: the core hardware of the system.
  • PACS Workstation: provide interactive display of digital images with PACS viewer for radiologists to interpret the images.
  • Database System: responsible for managing the storage of all the information and images in the PACS system.
  • DICOM Server: responsible for all the DICOM based communication with imaging modalities (such as CT and MRI), other PACS servers and DICOM workstations.
  • Storage System: the physical storage required to store the DICOM images of the PACS system.
  • Interfaces to RIS/HIS: aggregates all the data of the patient from different departments and provides an end-to-end patient care workflow.
  • Web Server for Remote Access: With this the images and other PACS data can be accessed with internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.


  • Improved efficiency with tools such as a unified worklist for all AE’s.
  • Send unique information per AE’s
  • Enhanced security and compliance with our technology platform that conforms to HIPAA and HiTech requirements for transmitting and storing patient health information.
  • Increased reliability with a system that is hosted in a primary and secondary data center.
  • Access your worklist, images and reports from any location with Internet connectivity.
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Capture.
  • Avoids Error-Prone Manual Tasks.

Customized Worklist

After the front desk enters all the patient demographic information and scans any additional paper work, the patient flows into worklist.

The DicomDirector PACS software has a powerful worklist engine and offers a customizable workflow solution to meet your needs. We truly understand worklist, and when it is inefficient, common tasks can become complicated and time consuming to complete. Our team consults with you on best practices to reduce paper handling and decrease report turnaround times. The worklist steps are based on your needs and goals.

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