DICOM Director – Modality WorkList: DDMWL

DICOM Director – Modality WorkList

Worklist: The worklist is dynamic and customizable for each user; all studies that need to be read appear on this list. Once read, they can be purged according to configuration.

Eliminate Redundant Data Capture: The patient name is no longer keyed in on the modality workstation but received electronically via the MWL query. Helps in maintaining Data Consistency.

Avoids Error-Prone Manual Tasks: The fact that the requested procedure is also received electronically reduces the chance for doing the wrong procedure to the wrong patient. Automating the transfer of patient’s data from HIS/RIS to modalities.

DICOM modality worklist service allows for an automated, reliable, error-free transfer of the information stored in the HIS/RIS directly to the modality, in a standard way which is supported by almost all manufacturers of digital DICOM modalities. DDMWL has been expressly designed to implement this DICOM service.

Customized Worklist

Customized Worklist

After the front desk enters all the patient demographic information and scans any additional paper work, the patient flows into worklist.

The DICOM Director PACS software has a powerful worklist engine and offers a customizable workflow solution to meet your needs. We truly understand worklist, and when it is inefficient, common tasks can become complicated and time consuming to complete. Our team consults with you on best practices to reduce paper handling and decrease report turnaround times. The worklist steps are based on your needs and goals.


  • Improved efficiency with tools such as a unified worklist for all AE’s.
  • Send unique information per AE’s
  • Enhanced security and compliance with our technology platform that conforms to HIPAA and HiTech requirements for transmitting and storing patient health information.
  • Increased reliability with a system that is hosted in a primary and secondary data center.
  • Access your worklist, images and reports from any location with Internet connectivity.
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Capture.
  • Avoids Error-Prone Manual Tasks.
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