Why DICOM Director?

We will take you step-by-step through the pre-installation process starting with taking the time to fully understand and document your business. We then submit our workflow assessment for your approval including suggestions on how to manage your business during the transition. We come prepared to exceed your expectations.

We support the clients and their businesses long after the initial installation. From complete product training and support – either onsite or web-based – to consultations about future needs, DICOM Director is committed to building long-term relationships. We will train you, your fellow radiologists, and your staff – simplifying the learning curve.

We understand that even with the best training, questions are going to arise. That’s why the DICOM Director Technical Support Team is available as need arises. Our experienced support staff is here for you. When our customers have questions or an issue occurs, the DICOM Director Technical Support Team has the knowledge and experience to get it resolved.

DICOM Director provides exceptional customer experience by ensuring systems are always available and updated with the latest enhancements to empower you to be more efficient in reading for multiple locations at the same time.

Our fully-managed PACS and RIS/PACS solutions provide you with the ability to:

• Read for anyone • From anywhere • At any time

We know you depend on your RIS and PACS for critical diagnose, and you need access to them around the clock, 365 days a year, from wherever you are reading. DICOM Director monitors our technical infrastructure to prevent service issues with live, real-time remote monitoring by DICOM Director Engineers. Our Technical Support Team works to detect and correct potential issues before they occur.

  • Optimize your healthcare data flow by 100%100%

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